Catskills lake real estate
York Lake near Barryville, NY

About real estate at York Lake, Sullivan County, NY

York Lake is a private 100 acre non-motorboat lake north of Barryville, in the southwestern part of Sullivan County. York is one of the few natural glacial lakes (not dam created) in the region.

There are two communities on York Lake, York Lake Estates on the northern end, developed in the 1980’s, and York Lake Shores on the southern end, developed in the 1990’s. The communities are somewhat similar, with 5 acre minimum lot sizes and covenants to maximize privacy. Note, though, that the actual ‘dry land’ can be less than 5 acres because lake parcels include a slice of  the lake bed.

Houses at York Lake Estates tend to be more modest, in both size and price, than at the newer York Lake Shores, where the lakefront houses tend to be larger and a bit grander, with log and lodge style houses more predominant. Both communities also include non-lakefront homes that have lake access via a community beach, and at York Lake Shores some of those non-lakefronts have dramatic views of the Delaware and Lackawaxen rivers to the west. Another feature of York Lake Shores is that homeowners have use of a small parcel on the Delaware River for fishing and canoeing. Note, though, that the river is not walkable from York Lake, which sits on a plateau high above the river corridor. You have to drive to the river.

There aren’t a lot of houses here, so there’s never much on the market. For real estate at York Lake Shores, expect to pay between $500,000 and $800,000 for a lakefront home. Non-lakefront houses here can start in the $300’s, but some very dramatic modern houses have been built on the riverview parcels, and if one of those was on the market it could fetch significantly more. House prices at York Lake Estates are somewhat less.

York Lake is quasi-gated. Both sections are gated, but at York Lake Shores the gate is often open, so that’s why I say “quasi gated”.

If you’re looking to build, York Lake is a good option to find property. There are some unbuilt lakefront parcels here, and occasionally one comes on the market. With good, swimmable lake frontage, a lakefront parcel will likely be priced in the mid to upper $200’s. There is a section of wetlands at the southern end of the lake where a lakefront parcel might sell for less, but the lake frontage is less appealing.

York Lake Real Estate Quick Facts
  • Non-motorboat lake
  • About 100 acres
  • Private, no public access, gated.
  • Community beach
  • 96 miles from the George Washington Bridge
  • Parcel sizes: 5 acre minimum.
  • Rentals permitted.
  • York Lake real estate prices: Lakefront $400,000 to $800,000. Non-lakefront homes from around $300K.

About finding real estate at York Lake: The search button below will pull anything from the Sullivan MLS coded as “York Lake”, but note that due to the small size of the two communities on this lake, at times there may be nothing on the market.