Sullivan County lakefront real estate
Tennanah Lake, Roscoe, NY

Tennanah Lake real estate

Tennanah is a smaller motorboat lake, about 1 1/2 miles long, located in the northwest part of Sullivan County, 7 miles southwest of Roscoe and 116 miles from the George Washington Bridge. There’s something about Tennanah that I can’t quite put my finger on that gives it an Adirondack or Finger Lakes feel than most other lakes here in Sullivan County. There’s a wide range of housing stock around the lake, from classic white clapboard early 20th century homes with wraparound porches and lawn down to the lake to 90’s era contemporaries with cathedral ceilings and walls of windows. There are also a handful of small lake cottages that maintain much of their original lake cabin feel. But even those little lake cabins can be pricey here, and for something winterized for year round use the minimum buy in will likely be $400,000+. The last large contemporary on the market here sold for upwards of $1M. There aren’t many seasonal (non-winterized) lakefronts remaining here, but if one came on the market it might come in closer to $300,000.

The lake is shaped like Italy, with the ‘boot’ turned the other direction. The least expensive properties on Tennanah are in the boot area, as that is a wetlands part of the lake that can be OK for boat docking, but not great for swimming. At the northern end of the lake is a old resort hotel that’s been looking for a purpose. For the past couple of years it was opened as the lakeside The Boat House restaurant, but that may not continue.

Just east of the lake is the Tennanah Lake Golf and Tennis Club. It’s not part of a lake homeowners association, but you can buy a membership to use the facilities, or just pay as you go for golf and tennis. There’s a small bar and restaurant there, as well as some motel rooms. The golf course has stunning views and is seldom crowded.

There are some non-lakefont houses at Tennanah sometimes available under $200,000. But if you’re a motorboater, the lake access can vary depending on the non-lakefront house, and not all lake access includes motorboat docking space.

Buying real estate at Tennanah Lake involves patience, because so few houses come on the public market from year to year.

Tennanah Lake Quick Facts
  • Motorboat lake
  • Approx. 1 1/2 miles long
  • Private, but not gated
  • 116 miles from the George Washington Bridge
  • Parcel sizes: approx. 1/2 acre to 5+ acres. Most are in the 1/2 acre range, with only a handful of larger parcels at the southern end of the lake.
  • Rentals permitted
  • House prices: Lakefront $300,000 (seasonal cottage) to $1M+ (larger lakefront home on a larger parcel). Non-lakefront $150,000 to $250,000.

For homes for sale at Tennanah Lake, please email me, as this lake does not have a lake community designator in the online search systems to be able to easily search for properties for sale here.