Upper end lake communities in Sullivan County
The Merriewold Club

The Merriewold Club

Merriewold, or more correctly “The Merriewold Club” is one of the most special — and most unknown — places in Sullilvan County. Merriewold was founded in the late 1800’s as a utopian summer community, and over the ensuring decades was the summer home of luminaries such as Agnes Demille and John Moody (the founder of Moody’s Investment Services.) The community still harkens back to a kinder, gentler era, and there’s a special feeling to the place you just don’t find anywhere else.

A 60 acre non-motorboat lake is the jewel at the heart of the community. There’s a lakeside clubhouse with a snackbar, a game room and honor bar, and a lakeside deck and promenade lined with Adirondack chairs. Every Sunday afternoon in summer there are sailboat races, the only time the beach area would remotely be called ‘crowded’

Merriewold also has a 9 hole par 3 golf course, two clay tennis courts, and a ball field, in addition to about a thousand acres of untouched surrounding land that members can use for hiking, snowmobiling, cross country skiing and ATVing. Hunting is also permitted in designated areas. Living in Merriewold is like having your own private state park. There’s also a full time onsite caretaker.

All of this is for the enjoyment of just 64 lucky homeowners. Note that most of the houses here are non-lakefront. There are only a handful of lakefront houses (most of the lake shoreline is owned and preserved by the Merriewold Club), and in the 15 years I’ve been selling real estate here, no lakefront house in Merriewold has come on the public market. When one rarely becomes available, it’s snapped up by someone who already has a house in Merriewold. So if your heart is set on something lakefront, it likely won’t happen here. But having something non-lakefront here is pretty cool.

In fact, Merriewold is so unique that in recent years people have bought perfectly liveable non-lakefront summer cottages here as tear downs to build larger and newer homes. Those tear downs have sold for as much as $300,000.

Don’t expect to find a choice of houses here. At times, there’s nothing on the market, and some years there may only be one house. For someone who wants to be in Merriewold, you buy what’s available and work with it — renovate it, expand it, tear it down and rebuild or just enjoy it as is.

Merriewold isn’t for the light of wallet. For a non-lakefront house here, you’ll pay about the same as for a similar lakefront house elsewhere. There’s also a $20,000+ new member initiation fee and $3,600+ a year in club/homeowner dues. But you’re buying into something very special, and unlike anything else you’re likely to find within a few hours of New York City.

Merriewold Club Quick Facts
  • Non-motorboat lake
  • 60 acres
  • Private, but not gated
  • 95 miles from the George Washington Bridge
  • Parcel sizes: 2 to 5 acres, most non-lakefront with lake access,
  • Rentals not permitted
  • Only 64 total houses
  • Community facilities include 1,000+ acres of community land, lakeside clubhouse, clay tennis courts, par 3 golf course, on-site caretaker.
  • House prices: Non-lakefront $250,000 to $300,000 for an unrenovated seasonal to $800,000+ for a larger renovated home if available. The handful of lakefront houses have not been available in the public market.

For homes for sale at the Merriewold Club, please email me, as this lake does not have a lake community designator in the online search systems to be able to easily search for properties for sale here.