Sullivan County lakefront real estate
— Kenoza Lake

Kenoza Lake real estate

Kenoza Lake Estates is a private, gated community on a 90 acre non-motorboat lake in western Sullivan County, a few miles from Jeffersonville. Kenoza was developed in the early 2000’s along the mode of newer lake communities, with 5 acre parcel size minimums and covenants to maximize privacy.

Kenoza Lake Estates is relatively small, with only about 30 homesites in the first phase, about half lakefront and half non-lakefront. There are a few unsold vacant land parcels available here, both lakefront and non-lakefront, making it a good option to consider for buyers looking to build. Unlike the Chapin Estate, which has covenants that discourages more ‘modern’ styles, Kenoza is more flexible, so it might be possible to build in a more modern ‘Dwell Modern’ style, although most of the houses here have been more traditional. You can pick up a lakefront parcel here for less than $200K.

Due to its recent vintage and small number of homes here, Kenoza doesn’t have a defined resale market yet. At the start of 2015, there were two homes on the market, a lakefront home listed at $1.25M and a non-lakefront home at $398,000.

One thing to note about Kenoza is the topography of the lake. The lakkefront properties at the northern and central part of the lake are steeply sloped, so accessing the lake from a home or homesite generally involves a steeper path or steps to reach the lake. However, the lake bed is deeper along this section, and better for swmming. The parcels along the southern end of the lake have very gentle slopes to the lake, but the lake is shallower along this section and does get some vegetation growth, so less appealing for swimming — you have to walk or paddle out a ways before you’re shoulder depth.

One of the great things about Kenoza is its location. It’s located about halfway between Jeffersonville, one of Sullivan’s cute country villages and the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts.

Kenoza Lake Quick Facts
  • Private non-motorboat lake
  • Approx. 90 acres
  • Kenoza Lake Estates is gated.
  • 102 miles from the George Washington Bridge
  • Parcel sizes: 5 acre minimum
  • House prices: community is too new to have a resale price history. Lakefront building parcels available under $200,000.

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