Sullivan County mid range lake communities
The Wanaksink Club, Rock Hill, NY

Wanaksink Lake, Rock Hill, NY

Wanaksink Lake (pronounced wanna-sink, the “k” is silent) is a private 300+ acre non-motorboat lake located just south of Rock Hill, NY. Wanaksink is a lake community that harkens back to a kinder, gentler time, with a white clapboard lakeside clubhouse, community events like an annual sailing regatta, lakeside cottages on small lots where neighbors enjoy visiting with each other in their yards and on their docks, and kids run from house to house. While houses often pass from generation to generation, the “Club”, as its known, is very welcoming of newcomers.

Wanaksink was originally created as part of the D&H canal system in the 1800’s, but after railroads overtook canals for transportation, the lake was sold off. It passed through a few hands until the Wanaksink Lake Club was founded in 1935.

There are 3 general areas at Wanaksink. The largest section, with the most houses, is along the northern shore of the lake. Lakefront houses here tend to be more closely spaced on smaller parcels that are typically 50 to 70 feet wide, although over the years some parcels have been combined to build larger houses. The original lake cottages were seasonal, for summer use only and not winterized, and a number of seasonals still remain. Most, though, have been winterized and upgraded for year round use.

Towards the eastern end of the lake is the Middletown Point section, with lake cottages on slightly larger parcels. There are also some larger 3 and 4 bedroom houses in this section.

Along the southern shore is Sylvan Shore Road and South Shore Road, areas with somewhat larger houses than the cottages dotting the north shore. Parcel sizes on South Shore are also larger, with a handful of distinctive lodge style homes that are among the most expensive at Wanaksink, if one was on the market. Houses in this area are rarely for sale. The South Shore and Sylvan areas, though, are not as convenient to the lake club.

The roads at Wanaksink are private, but the community is only partially gated. There’s no gate at the western end of North Shore or at the entrances to Sylvan or South Shore Roads. There is, however, a gate at the eastern end of Middletown Point Road, largely to prevent the public from using North Shore Road as a short cut.

Lake access for non-lakefront homeowners is relatively convenient, with rights of way where you can keep your kayaks and canoes at various points around the lake, usually within walking distance, as well as the community beach at the western end of the lake.

Real estate prices here vary widely due to the variety of housing stock. The smaller seasonal lakefront cottages with 2 BRs and about 1,000 square feet can be great values, selling around $200,000. A similar year round house would start about $275,000. Larger lakefront houses range from the $300’s to the $500’s, and if one of the lodge style houses on South Shore was available, likely higher than that.

Wanaksink Lake
  • Non-motorboat lake
  • 300+ acres
  • Lakeside clubhouse, community beach and tennis court
  • Private but gated only at one end of one road
  • 75 miles from the George Washington Bridge
  • Parcel sizes: approx. 1/8 acre to 1/2 acre on most of the lake, with some larger parcels in some sections
  • Rentals are permitted
  • House prices: Lakefront seasonal $200,000 to $250,000; lakefront year-round, $250,000 to $550,000+. Non-lakefront under $200,000.
Wanaksink Lake Real Estate

There is generally a very limited inventory of houses for sale at Wanaksink Lake. Properties for sale here are also listed by Realtors who participate in different MLS systems with differing coding for lake communities, so it can be challenging in online searches to specifically identify properties for sale at Wanaksink. You can click on the button below to pull up any homes for sale in the Sullivan MLS that are coded as “Wanaksink.” But if you’re interested in this lake, please also email me at and I can check for other properties that may not be readily visible in an online search.