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Lake Devenoge, Sullivan County

About real estate at Lake Devenoge, Sullivan County, NY

Lake Devenoge is a private 80 acre non-motorboat lake in the Town of Highland in the SW part of Sullivan County. This is a gentle slope, sand bottomed lake and is considered one of the best fishing lakes in the county. One reason that Devenoge is prized among fishers is that there are lake grasses (not wetlands) along a large portion of the shoreline.

Lake Devenoge has a bit of a split personality. The western side of the lake is largely comprised of older lake cottages, some dating from the 1930’s, on smaller parcels, some a quarter acre or less. While the parcels are small, many of the lakefront houses on this side were built before current lake setback rules, so enjoy particularly close proximity to the lake. Quite a few have been expanded over the years, and a number of newer non-lakefront houses have been built on this side as well. The downside to the non-lakefronts on this side, though, is that the community beach for Devenoge is on the other side of the lake.

The eastern shore of the lake was built out much later, starting in the 1980’s. Houses here are on larger parcels, generally about an acre, but are set further back from the lake. Most have gentle lawn down to the lake, something that can be difficult to find at most lakes.

There’s also a community beach area on the eastern side, with a nice sand beach and places for non-lakefront homeowners to keep their kayaks and canoes. Note, though, that dogs are non-permitted on the community beach, making Devenoge less appealing for non-lakefront buyers who want to frolic with Fido in the lake.

Prices for a lakefront house here range from about $250,000 for a smaller cottage in the older section to $600,000 or so for a larger house in the newer section, with the sweet spot from $350,000 to $400,000. Older non-lakefront cottages can sometimes be found in the mid to upper $100’s, which non-lakefronts on the newer side start in the upper $200’s

Lake Devenoge Quick Facts
  • Private, but not gated
  • Approx. 80 acres
  • 94 miles from the George Washington Bridge
  • Considered a very good fishing lake
  • Parcel sizes:  1/4 acre (older section) to approx. 1 acre (lakefront) in the newer section.
  • House prices: Lakefront, older side $250,000+, newer side, $350,000+. Non-lakefront from the mid $100’s.
About finding real estate at Lake Devenoge:

Devenoge doesn’t have a specific lake/community designator in the Sullivan MLS, so it’s not possible to include a property search here specific to this lake. If you’re interested in Devenoge, please email me at or give me a call at 845-468-5710 and I’ll check on what may be available.