Lakefront real estate - Elko Lake

Catskills real estate — Elko Lake, Parksville, NY

Elko Lake is a 70 acre non-motorboat lake northeast of Parksville, within the boundaries of the Catskill Park. Once a youth sleepaway camp, Elko was developed for residential use in the 1990’s, so most homes here are only 10 or 20 years old. A few of the original buildings, though, remain and have been converted into single family homes.

Elko is a relatively shallow lake, with wetlands areas at points around the lake. So some ‘lakefront’ houses here have frontage that’s better for fishing, kayaking or birding than swimming, and because of wetlands restrictions and setbacks, some of these houses may not have big, open lake views. Other houses, though, have great lake frontage for swimming. The homeowner’s association maintains a community beach for homeowners with a good swimming beach (as well as a tennis court.)

Given that Elko was developed in the 1990’s, when buyer preferences leaned towards larger parcels with more privacy, the lakefront houses here are on 2 to 5 acre parcels. Non-lakefront parcels here are largely 5 to 10 acres, but there are some as large as 50 acres.

A consideration for buyers at Elko is connectivity. As of this writing (2015), there is no cable or DSL for high speed internet, and cell service is limited (although I’ve been able to get a signal there using a cell booster.) So satellite internet, with the possibility of boosted 4G/LTE, are the available options for high speed internet.

Elko Lake Quick Facts
  • Non-motorboat lake
  • Private lake, no public access but not gated
  • Community beach with a tennis court
  • Combination of private roads, maintained by the association, and public roads
  • 107 miles from the George Washington Bridge
  • Approx. 70 acres in size
  • Parcel sizes: 2 to 50 acres
  • House prices: Lakefront, $300,000 to $550,000. Non-lakefront, $200,000 – $300,000.