Mid range lake communities
in Sullivan County, NY

Sullivan County has a number of mid-range lake communities with lakefront houses in the $300,000 to $600,000 range. Styles range from older lake communities like Yankee, Wolf and Wanaksink with more tightly set houses on smaller quarter acre or less parcels to newer lakes like Elko and sections of Devenoge and Highland with houses on an acre or more. Emerald Green on Lake Louise Marie, a 70’s/80’s era lake community, is a good option for lake buyers in this range looking for recreation amenities like swimming pools and tennis courts.



Lake Devenoge

90 acre private non-motorboat lake in the southwest part of Sullivan. Lot sizes 1/4 to 1 acre. Community beach.


Emerald Green

70's/80's era community on Lake Louise Marie (non-motorboat) near Rock Hill. Swimming pools, tennis courts, clubhouse.


Swinging Bridge

Largest motorboat lake in Sullivan County, 1,000 acres, 9 1/2 miles long, 2 marinas, public access.


Wolf Lake

380 acre non-motorboat lake near Wurtsboro. Rustic style, 1,000 acres of community land. No rentals.


White Lake

Sullivan County's busiest motorboat lake. 280 acres, lakeside restaurants, boat rentals. Public access and dock space. Close to Bethel Woods.


Elko Lake community beach

Elko Lake

70 acre private non-motor lake northeast of Parksville within the bounds of the Catskill Park. 2 to 5 acre parcels. Community beach, tennis court.


Inn at Lake Joseph

Lake Joseph

250 acre non-motorboat lake south of Monticello. Small community of 80's era houses. Community beach, pool, tennis. Inn at Lake Joseph.


HIghland Lake, NY

Highland Lake

250 acre motorboat lake in SW part of Sullivan. Houses from small seasonal cottages to large lakefront lodges. Private, but day use access through Sand Beach Club.


Yankee Lake, Wurtsboro, NY

Yankee Lake

Sullivan's largest non-motor lake, over 400 acres. Largely older style lake cottages on small parcels. Closest non-motor lake in Sullivan to NYC.


Lake cottage at Wanaksink Lake, Rock Hill, NY


Private, non-motorboat lake near Rock Hill, with clubhouse and tennis courts.

The above are the main mid range lakes in Sullivan, but there are a number of others, like Masten and Washington, two smaller motorboat lakes, as well as some smaller non-motorboat lakes, like Montgomery, that fall into this category. There are also crossovers between lake categories. For example, at an ‘upper end’ lake like Timber, there might be a smaller lakefront or a non-lakefront house that would fall into the ‘mid range’ category. or ‘affordable range’ lakes with some larger houses on larger parcels that would push into the mid range.