Lew Beach, Beaverkill Valley, NY

About real estate at Lew Beach in the Beaverkill Valley

While there is an actual hamlet of Lew Beach, a crossroads with a post office northeast of Livingston Manor, the term from a real estate standpoint generally applies to properties in the Beaverkill Valley that are part of the Beaverkill Valley ‘community’ developed by Larry Rockefeller. The “Lew Beach” community crosses into 3 counties (Sullivan, Ulster and Delaware) and parts stretch almost as far as the Pepacton Reservoir. The Beaverkill Valley community comprises a few thousand acres, most of which is protected greenspace. Dotted among the greenspace are 50 or so private residences, on parcels ranging from about 5 to 50 acres. There are extensive covenants to protect viewsheds and ensure privacy.

Home ownership here comes with membership in either the Stream Club or the Mountain Club, which provides access to the thousands of acres of protected land for hiking, cross country skiing, pond swimming and private fishing along the Beaverkill River, as well as the facilities at the Beaverkill Valley Inn and members-only club in Lew Beach. There is a strong shared belief in environmental protection among the homeowners here. Lew Beach is a paradise for fly fishers, with some of the best fishing on the Beaverkill. During the summer there are organized activities for children.

While there is extensive community land for outdoor recreation, it’s of the self powered rather than motor powered variety. ATVing and snowmobiling is not permitted on the conservation protected land, nor is hunting.

Lew Beach is very private and very discrete. However, it is not gated. And while most homeowners here are quite wealthy, conspicuous displays of wealth are frowned upon. Many of the house, most of which are tucked into the mountains, are quite modest, although there are a number of quite large homes here as well.

At any given time, there may be only 1 or 2 houses on the market here and they range widely in price. A smaller home, 3BR with 2,000 square feet, might start around $750,000, with one of the larger, newer homes with panoramic mountain views edging in on $2M. There are occasionally parcels of land available in the $300,000 range.

Something to take into consideration at Lew Beach is internet and cell connectivity. At the time of this writing (2015), there are no cell towers in the Upper Beaverkill Valley, so no cell service. There also is no cable for wired broadband internet, although I keep hearing a rumor that cable will be coming as far as the hamlet of Lew Beach. Even if it gets to the hamlet, it may not be brought further up into the valley. So for now, phone connectivity is landline and internet is satellite.

If you’re thinking about Lew Beach and Beaverkill Valley real estate, it’s best to plan a separate trip to explore this area, with a possible overnight stay at the Beaverkill Valley Inn. The Beaverkill Valley is quite vast, with properties spread out over miles. It’s also important to get a feel for the area, and particularly the conservation vision, and that’s difficult to do without spending at least a few hours here.

Driving through the Beaverkill Valley, north from Livingston Manor on the Beaverkill Road through Lew Beach and continuing north towards Turnwood, or making the turn to the Pepacton reservoir and ending up in Margaretville, can be a stunning day trip. But please be aware that many of the roads off of the main state and county roads are private.

Lew Beach / Beaverkill Valley Quick Facts
  • Private community, not gated. Some roads are private, some public
  • The hamlet of Lew Beach is 115 miles from the George Washington Bridge, but properties can be located up to 20 miles further north
  • Extensive conservation land open for owner use
  • Mountain and Stream club memberships offer private fishing on the Beaverkill River
  • Hunting, ATVing and snowmobiling not permitted on the community land.
  • Parcel sizes: 5 to 50 acres.
  • House prices: From the $700’s up to about $2M.
About finding property for sale in Lew Beach / Beaverkill Valley

Lew Beach is a unique real estate market. While there are usually a few houses available for purchase here, they’re often not actively marketed or listed in a multiple listing system. While the hamlet of Lew Beach is in Sullivan County, the Beaverkill Valley area crosses into three counties, and properties here can be handled by agents in any one of the three counties (although most are handled by Sullivan brokers with a familiarity with Lew Beach.) So when I’m working with a client seriously looking at Lew Beach, it takes some old fashioned telephone calling to identify properties for sale. If you’re interested in real estate in Lew Beach, please email me or give me a call at 845-468-5710 to discuss.