Black Forest Colony, Glen Spey, NY

About real estate in the Black Forest Colony, Glen Spey, NY

The Black Forest Colony, between Proctor Road and Hollow Road near Glen Spey, is one of the most unique vacation home communities in Sullivan County. Black Forest was founded in the late 1930’s by German immigrants who felt that, because of the approaching war, they may never be able to return to their cherished Black Forest area of Bavaria. So they set out to recreate a “Black Forest” here in the U.S., purchasing approx. 2,000 acres of rugged forest land here. Members purchased three acre parcels to build their own homes, and 800 acres were held back for  shared community use. The original houses here were built in a very Bavarian “gemutlichkeit” style, which is still evident today. Over the years, the community diversified, and now many other house styles from tiny summer cottages to contemporaries and even the occasional very modern home dot the wooded landscape.

The land here is quite dramatic. The shared acreage even includes a rushing stream with a dramatic waterfall, available to all homeowners for hiking, picnicing and fishing. Hunting, as well as ATVing, are permitted on the shared land, but only to owners of actual homes, not just vacant land. (That restriction came about to prevent hunters from picking up an inexpensive parcel of vacant land simply to gain access to the shared land to use simply for hunting.)  Owning a home in the Black Forest Colony is like having your own private state park in your back yard.

Houses here vary widely in price, from the low $100’s for a small cabin to the $400’s for one of the larger, more contemporary homes. Community dues are based on the number of acres you own, and in 2014 came out to about $210 per acre per year. So a homeowner with 4 acres would pay about $840 per year, while an owner with 8 acres would pay about $1,700 per year. Community facilities beyond the shared acreage are limited. There is a small, rustic clubhouse used for meetings and potlucks that overlooks a small pond but that’s about it. There are no tennis courts or swimming pools. Black Forest is all about the outdoors.

There are some vacant land parcels here, if you’re looking to build a house.

Note: Black Forest isn’t gated, but they are quite protective about the community. Please don’t drive through unaccompanied to “get a feel for the place.” Someone will likely stop you to ask your business.

Black Forest Colony Quick Facts
  • Private community, not gated, but roads are private
  • 97 miles from the George Washington Bridge
  • Approx. 800 acres of community land for owner use
  • Hunting, ATVing and snowmobiling permitted on the community land.
  • 102 miles from the George Washington Bridge
  • Parcel sizes: 3 to 10 acres.
  • House prices: Smaller cabins in the low $100’s up to the $400’s for a newer, larger home.
About finding property for sale in Black Forest

Black Forest Colony is in an MLS “crossover” area, where properties for sale may be handled by agents who are members of either the Sullivan or Hudson Gateway MLS, and the Hudson Gateway MLS doesn’t have a community designator for Black Forest. So it can be difficult to specifically identify Black Forest properties. If you’re interested in real estate in the Black Forest Colony please email me,