A guide to some of the most appealing villages and hamlets in the Sullivan County Catskills

Sullivan County has dozens of hamlets and villages, from charming hamlets of Narrowsburg and Callicoon astride the Delaware River, to up-and-comer Livingston Manor at the edge of the Catskill Park, to Roscoe, a draw for fly fishers worldwide. Many of our hamlets have experienced breathtaking turnarounds over the past decade or so, with restaurants, shops, festivals  and an energy that rivals trendier upstate locales — albeit on a smaller, less touristy scale. Unfortunately, not all of Sullivan County has enjoyed the same turnaround (but, hey, that can also be said for Brooklyn), and there are some villages here that are more down-on-their-heels. Below are some of the hamlets and villages that, in my experience working with buyers from the city looking for a country getaway, have the greatest appeal.

This is NOT a complete list. There are spots like Claryville, Grahamsville, Yulan, Eldred, North Branch, Youngsville (and others) that also have great appeal, but are smaller, without the constellation of services that these somewhat larger hamlets offer.



A charming hamlet located on the Delaware River in western Sullivan County in the Town of Delaware, with restaurants, a movie theater, brewery and the best farmer's market in the county.

Main Street Narrowsburg


A quaint riverfront hamlet with restaurants, art galleries, shops and charming homes.

River Market Barryville


More a hamlet-lite, Barryville is a key spot in southwest Sullivan County along the Delaware River, and a draw for city folks playing on the river.


Jeffersonville is a village at the heart of Sullivan County's farm country, in the western part of Sullivan. Stately Victorians harken back to the era when timber barons called Jeffersonville home.

Livingston Manor

Sullivan's up-and-comer, at the gateway to the Catskill Park and some of the world's best fly fishing. Home to the Catskill Brewery, the Catskill Arts Society and the Arnold B&B.


Roscoe, aka ``Trout Town USA``, is the northernmost hamlet in Sullivan County, at the gateway to the Catskill Park.

Rock Hill

The anchor of the lake region in the SE part of Sullivan County, with restaurants, lodging, and stores, just 80 miles from NYC.

Bethel / White Lake

Bethel is a township in the central region of Sullivan County. Home of Bethel Woods Center for the Arts (on the site of Woodstock 1969) and a number of lakes.