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Mohican Lake, Glen Spey, NY

Mohican Lake, Glen Spey, Sullivan County, NY

Mohican Lake is a 150 acre motorboat lake near Glen Spey in the southwest part of Sullivan County. Mohican is typically the least expensive motorboat lake here.

One of the reasons that lakefront property here seems much lower priced than at other lakes in the county is that the majority of “lakefront” houses here aren’t direct lakefront like many buyers envision. Along the western side of the lake, most houses that are on the lake are split lakefront, where the house is on one side of the road, and the lake frontage and dock on the other side. Houses in this section along Mohican Trail are generally on small parcels — 45′ wide parcels are typical.

Mohican also has ‘lakefront’ houses that are separate lakefront. These houses may be one or two streets away from the lake or along a lane running to the lake, and come with a separate small piece on the lake (from 10′ to 40′ wide) for lake access (and a dock, if space permits). These houses usually don’t have a lake view, and it can be a ten minute walk to the lake. However, they are technically ‘lakefront’ because they do include lake frontage and come up as lakefront houses in property searches. These can be a very affordable option for buyers that want motorboat docking space, but aren’t “lakefront” in the conventional sense.

Mohican Lake also has quite a few ‘seasonal’ cottages, mostly ‘non-lakefront’ that aren’t winterized for year round use. Selling sometimes for as little as $50,000, they can make a very affordable summer getaway. Note, though, that non-lakefronts that don’t include their own lake access piece may not have great shared lake access. Some of the shared access points on the lake are shallower with begetation, so may not be great for swimming, and also may not include boat docking space. If you’re considering a non-lakefront here, you need to check out the specific lake access for that house to determine whether it meets your needs.

Not all ‘lakefront’ on Mohican is split or separate, and there are some nice direct lakefront houses, generally towards the northern end of the lake.

Real estate price here range across a wide spectrum. A non-lakefront seasonal can usually be picked up here for less than $100,000, often a lot less. A non-lakefront with it’s own deed lake parcel will often be in the low $100’s, and split lakefronts, with a road between the house and lake start in the mid to upper $100’s. A direct lakefront house can range into the $300’s, with a few houses on larger acreage on the northern end going higher.

Mohican Lake Quick Facts
  • Motorboat lake
  • Private, not gated
  • Approx. 150 acres in size
  • 91 miles from the George Washington Bridge
  • 15 miles from Metro North station in Port Jervis
  • Parcel sizes: Generally small, 1/8 to 1/4 acre, with some larger parcels, up to a few acres, along the northern part of the lake
  • Rentals permitted
  • House prices: Seasonal (non-winterized) non-lakefront cottages $40,000 to $80,000. Split lakefront starts at $150,000, direct, non-split lakefront starts at about $250,000

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