Sullivan County NY lake real estate
Lake Muskoday

About real estate at Lake Muskoday, Roscoe, NY

Lake Muskoday is a 40 acre private non-motorboat lake located 7 miles west of Roscoe in the northwest part of Sullivan County. Muskoday has a very rustic lake feel, and the original cabins here were largely small, simple and largely seasonal. Some seasonals (not winterized for year round use) still exist on this lake, but most of the cabins are now winterized, and many have been significantly enlarged as well.

Parcel sizes tend to be small, most about 1/4 acre or so, but there are some larger parcels here, particularly non-lakefront. Some houses here are ‘split’ lakefront, with the house on one side of the road with a little acreage affording some privacy, with a lakefront piece across the road.

Lake Muskoday is considered a good fishing lake, partly because there’s some vegetation growth around some of the shorelines. Particularly at the southern end of the lake, you can get some shallower, grassy areas. Muskoday is one the lakes that does get lily pad growth, but the lake association has this cutter boat that makes the rounds in the summer cutting them back.

For non-lakefront homeowners, there’s a small community beach at the northern end of the lake. Some non-lakefronts also have lake access rights at other points around the lake. There’s also a tennis court and a ‘cookout pavilion’.

Lake Muskoday is one of the most affordable lakes in Sullivan County. Lakefront cabins can start here under $200,000, with larger houses topping out in the low $300’s. Don’t expect fancy here; few of the houses have had the stylish upgrades you find at pricier lakes. For non-lakefront houses, you can find them here in the low to mid $100’s.

Lake Muskoday Quick Facts
  • Non-motorboat lake
  • About 40 acres in size
  • Private lake, no public access but not gated
  • Community beach with a tennis court
  • 118 miles from the George Washington Bridge
  • Parcel sizes: Lakefronts generally about 1/4 acre. Some split lakefronts and non-lakefronts are a few acres or more.
  • House prices: Lakefront, less than $200,000 to the low $300’s. Non-lakefront, $125,000 to $200,000.

About finding real estate for sale at Lake Muskoday:

Lake Muskoday doesn’t have a community designator in the Sullivan MLS, so it’s not possible to include a property search link specifically for Muskoday here. If you’re interested in real estate here, please send me an email or give me a call at 845-468-5710 and I can check on what may be available for sale.