Hunter Lake real estate

Hunter Lake, a motorboat lake near Parksville, NY

Hunter Lake is a smaller, 90 acre motorboat lake in the northeast part of Sullivan County, near Parksville within the boundaries of the Catskill Park. Hunter is an older style ‘traditional’ lake, with closely set houses on small parcels. Hunter Lake has both lakefront and non-lakefront houses, and some of the houses on the ‘back side’ of the mountain enjoy great mountain views. The Hunter Lake Campround, one of the few remaining private campgrounds in Sullivan County, is at one end of the lake.

The majority of the houses here are small cabins and cottages, some dating back to the 1930’s. Quite a few are still ‘seasonal’, not winterized for year round use. Many, though, have been winterized over the years, particularly the lakefronts. Houses built from the 1970’s onward are usually year round.

While Hunter is a motorboat lake, and most of the lakefront houses have dock space for motorboats, the lake accesses for many of the non-lakefront houses do not have dock space. So if you’re considering a non-lakefront house here, and dock space is important, that’s a key question to ask.

If motorboat docking isn’t a key factor, a seasonal non-lakefront cabin here can be one of the most affordable lake options here in Sullivan County. The lake is very pretty, and great for swimming. There’s a rustic mountain lake getaway feel to the area that can be lacking in more recently developed lakes, and there’s public access for fly fishing on the Willowemoc quite nearby.

One consideration here is broadband internet access. As of early 2015, cable doesn’t reach as far as Hunter and there’s no DSL, either, so broadband is limited to satellite. Cell service in this part of the county has been improving, so you may be able to pick up 4G/LTE with a booster.

A direct lakefront seasonal cabin in good condition can sometimes be found here for less than $200,000, but expect to start in the $200’s for a year round lakefront. Non-lakefront seasonals with lake access can sell for as little as $70,000, but up the starting point to $125,000 for a year rounder. Larger homes, both lakefront and non-lakefront, can sell for substantially more.

Note, the seasonals here are largely not upgradeable for year round use. They may be on parcels that are too small to conform with current parcel size minimums for year round homes or may be on private roads that aren’t maintained or plowed in the winter.

Hunter Lake Quick Facts
  • Motorboat lake
  • Approx.90 acres
  • Private, no public access.
  • 105 miles from the George Washington Bridge
  • Parcel sizes: generally less than 1/4 acres
  • Rentals permitted.
  • House prices: Lakefront under $200,000 for a seasonal house, start in the $200’s for a year round. Non-lakefront seasonals start less than $100K.