Affordable range lake communities in Sullivan County, NY

There are a number of lake communities at lower price points where lakefront houses are typically priced at $250,000 or less, and non-lakefronts can be found for less than $100,000. But there are some trade-offs at the lower end, compared to mid range lakes. Houses can be more densely packed on small lots. ‘Split’ lakefront is more common, where there’s a road between the house and the lake. In some cases, a ‘lakefront’ house may not actually be on the lake, but is a short walk from the lake and comes with a small lakefront access parcel. The least expensive houses tend to be quite small and may be seasonal, not winterized for year round use.



Smallwood cottage


A community of small seasonal and year round cottages with memberships to a non-motorboat lake, tennis courts, ball fields, swimming pool and clubhouse available. Seasonals from $50,000; year rounders starting at around $100,000.


Lake Muskoday

Lake Muskoday

45 acre non-motorboat lake west of Roscoe. Rustic lake feel, with generally smaller lake cottages on smaller parcels. Lakefront starting around $200,000, non-lakefronts in the $100’s.


Sackett Lake, Monticello, NY

Sackett Lake

90 acre motorboat lake south of Monticello. Older style lake with closely set houses on smaller parcels. Also includes Camelot Woods, an 80’s era vacation home community with swimming pool, clubhouse, tennis courts and lake from the $50's.


Mohican Lake

150 acre motorboat lake in the southwest Sullivan. Densely set houses, many split lakefront or seasonal summer use only.


Seasonal cabin at Hunter Lake

Hunter Lake

90 acre motorboat lake northeast of Parksville. More rustic style. Lake cottages on smaller lake parcels, most year round, some seasonal.


House at Lake Louise Marie

Lake Louise Marie

60's era lake community with swimming pool and tennis courts on Lake Louise Marie, a 300+ acre non-motorboat lake near Rock Hill.

The above are the main lower priced lake communities in Sullivan County, but there are a number of others, mostly smaller lakes like Bodine, Montgomery, Indian as well as non-lakefront houses at Washington Lake.