Rentals in Sullivan County

Finding a rental in Sullivan County

At Catskills Buyer Agency, we don’t handle rentals, either short term vacation rentals or longer term rentals. But a lot of folks call us about rentals, so I’ve put together this page with some resources to help folks find rentals here.

Short term vacation rentals

Unlike the Hamptons, Berkshires or Jersey Shore, there aren’t many companies in the Catskills that specialize in rentals. There’s really only one rental specialist:

Red Cottage Inc.

The properties that Jennifer at Red Cottage represents are typically very stylish, and leans towards rural and mountain rentals rather than lake rentals.

Some real estate brokerages also handle a handful of short term rentals.

McKean Real Estate, Barryville

Freda Real Estate, Callicoon

Malek Properties, Smallwood and White Lake areas

Other brokerages may also handle rentals, but may not have a rental page on their website. So if you’re looking in a particular area, you may want to contact individual real estate brokerages in that part of Sullivan to ask about rentals. (For Camelot Woods and Emerald Green, a good resource is Myrna Ginsberg at Myrna Ginsberg Real Estate. Phone. 845-791-1652.)

There are also a number of online resources to find rentals. The big gorilla on the block is, of course,

A great feature of AirBnb is that you can use “Sullivan County, NY” as your search area, rather than having to search by individual towns.

But AirBnb isn’t the only resource. Also check out: (Search Delaware River Valley)

Long term rentals

The best source for long term rentals is the rental section of You search by Sullivan County, NY or by individual village or hamlet, but note that a county search also seems to pull properties outside of Sullivan.

A lot of rentals are not multiple listed, so don’t show up on So yo should also contact individual Realtors in the areas you’re interested in, so see what they might have available for rent.