About Catskills Buyer Agency

Catskills Buyer Agency was established by Judith Haas Siegel in 1993, and was the first brokerage in the Catskills / Hudson Valley region to exclusively represent buyers. Judy is the licensed broker for CBA, and I work under her as an associate broker. Judy is a native Sullivanite, and her family owned one of the old Catskill resorts, the Edgewood Hotel on Edgewood Lake. She’s a wealth of information, and knows the county inside out.

There are currently three of us that work together at CBA — Judy, myself and Kathy Rieser, a licensed real estate salesperson. Together we handle about 40 transactions per year.

The official brokerage address is 3 California Avenue, Liberty, NY 12754. We function largely as a ‘virtual’ brokerage, each of us working out of our homes. We had an office in Kauneonga Lake for a number of years, but gave it up when we found we weren’t using it much. With most real estate brokerages, you meet at their office and then ‘loop’ from there to see houses, and often that looping involves backtracking and a lot of unnecessary travel. We typically arrange showing appointments with the most efficient route. If we’re showing you houses in the southeast part of the county around Wurtsboro and Rock Hill, it doesn’t make sense to come all the way to Kauneonga Lake and then back to Rock Hill.

Here’s the contact information for Judy, if you’d like to get in touch with her directly:

Judith Haas Siegel, Licensed Broker
Catskills Buyer Agency
3 California Ave.
Liberty, NY 12754